Welcome to the MIA Ta'allum Writing Challenge 2020. Students from Al Jazeera Academy, Maha Boys School and Maha Girls School participated in this challenge at MIA Library in March 2020. Here you can read the results of this creative program. We hope you enjoy the students creative stories which relate to the following themes: 1) MIA or a Museum Object 3) Life in Qatar 3) History of Qatar 4) Vision 2030.

Recently Added Items

MIA Library Video of the Reading & Writing Challenge


MIA Library is proud to present the results of the Seashore Taa’alum Reading & Writing Challenge 2020. The students from Al Maha Academy for Boys, Al…

Introduction by Ms Charity from Al Maha Academy for Girls.


An introduction to the Reading & Writing Challenge by Miss Charity of Al Maha Academy for Girls,

Life in Qatar by Muhanad Abdallah Altaher


Arriving in the lovely city of Doha highlights of the visit include the Museum, Souq and the Corniche.

Museum of Islamic Art by Omer Ayman


A story about visiting the wonderful park and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

School trip to the Museum of Islamic Art by Omer Yousef Kala


Mr. AbdulAziz provides the children with a prestigious tour inside the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

Museum trip by Mohammed Khalid Ibrahim


Exploring the gold helmet in the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

The growth of Qatar by Faisal Nawaf Talfat


In the past, Qatar's primary resources came from the sea whereas today's economy relies on petrol and gas.